Electric or Gas Powered Chainsaws - Which is better for you?

You have two options when choosing a chainsaw, gas or electric powered. What you choose will depend on your circumstances, the jobs you have to do, and of course, your choice.
When choosing between a chainsaw electric or gas power think about where you live, and landscape. Do you live in a city with only a few small trees on your property? You're probably better off buying an electric chainsaw. However, if you live in the country and are surrounded by trees that are more likely to have large branches on the ground after a storm and will be further from the house.
When you buy an electric chainsaw, always keep in mind that you will get your energy. You will be forced to take the saw no more than 100 feet away from the power supply, so if you live on three acres, you will not do it.
Think of the jobs that are going to be doing. Will you be doing the heavy duty cutting of large branches, or deforestation? Looking for something to help prune a few trees in your garden? These are the questions that will help you determine which is right for you chainsaw.
Both types of saws have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are shorter you may want to consider getting the electric chainsaw. It will be much lighter and more manageable. You also will not have to worry about loading the surrounding gas can, get the gas / oil right. You, on the other hand, has to worry not to cut through the cord.
No matter what type of chainsaw you ultimately decide, make sure to use safety equipment every use your saw. You should also make sure your chainsaw chain remains strong. Using a dull chainsaw is the fastest way to have a chainsaw accident. It is imperative for safety reasons to keep your saw sharp, if you do not know how, take it to a professional to be sharpened.